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Ocean Freight.

Covering full-container loads (FCL) and less-than-container loads (LCL).


Air Freight.

Ensuring timely and secure transportation of goods to and destinations worldwide.


Road Freight.

Offering seamless domestic and cross-border transportation solutions.

At FIRST CLASS LOGISTICS, we offer a wide range of services tailored to the unique requirements of our clients

Air Freight

We provide swift and efficient air freight solutions, ensuring timely and secure transportation of goods to and destinations worldwide.
Our well-established relationships with airlines enable us to offer competitive rates and flexible options to suit your particular cargo needs.

Ocean Freight

With and extensive network of shipping partners, we excel in ocean freight services, covering full-container loads (FCL) and less-than-container loads (LCL).
Our team handles all documentation, customs clearance, and ensures end-to-end tracking and delivery of shipments

Road Freight

Our comprehensive road freight services offer seamless domestic and cross-border transportation solutions.
We have a well-maintained fleet of vehicles and experienced drivers to ensure safe and efficient delivery of your cargo.

Custom Clearance

We understand the complexities of international trade regulations and provide efficient customs clearance services.
Our team of experts ensures smooth and hassle-free customs processes, minimizing delays and optimizing your supply chain.

Warehousing & Distribution

To support the smooth flow of your goods, we offer secure warehousing and distribution services.
Our strategically located warehouses and equipped with modern facilities to accommodate various storage needs and ensure efficient inventory management.

Thailand shares land borders with 4 countries.

Cross Border Service


Cross Border

International inland cross-border refers to the movement of goods or products from one country to another through land transportation, bypassing any sea or air routes. It involves crossing the border between two countries using road, rail, or river transport.
This type of cross-border trade occurs when neighboring countries or regions have well-established land routes and infrastructure for transportation. It allows for the efficient movement of goods between countries without the need for air or sea transport

Trusted & Reputable

First Class Logistics is a trusted and reputable international inland cross-border service provider, dedicated to offering comprehensive and reliable logistics solutions to businesses in Thailand and beyond.
With a commitment to excellence, our company leverages its extensive network, cutting-edge technology, and highly skilled professionals to ensure seamless transportation, efficient customs clearance, and timely delivery of goods across borders.

Whether it's coordinating complex supply chains, optimizing routes, or managing documentation, First Class Logistics embodies the utmost in quality service, ensuring our clients experience a hassle-free and first class logistical experience every step of the way.

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